About Us

Inside Barden’s Decorating

DSC_1483Barden’s Decorating, Inc., owned by Tommy Barden, began it’s mission to offer homeowner’s, builder’s, general contractor’s & business owner’s the opportunity to choose a painting & papering contractor who was dependable, who was courteous & who offered consistent pricing in the industry while providing for his family. 

Tommy’s painting path began at M.P. Barden & Son’s while working for his father as a teen.  Fortunately, for you, Tommy decided to begin his own business in March of 1988 after the birth of his first child.  He began by learning the wallpaper industry after joining the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers.  In 2005 Muffy Barden, his wife, joined the forces to accommodate the very changing business world.  Tommy still to this day is on-site of each & every project.  He prefers it that way. 

Tommy has a high standard of how a site should be managed & maintained.  Muffy operates the office and manages the marketing, networking & residential estimating.  Family is extremely important to Tommy & Muffy.  They want you to know that you will be treated like family and your painting or papering project is just as important to them as any project done in their home or office.